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Updating digital slr camera firmware

The update (believed to be 3.30 on the a7RII and 2.10 on the a7SII) was supposed to include improvements for radio controlled lighting and overall camera stability and temperature control.But hidden in these improvements is a change that affects the image quality when shooting long exposures, particularly astrophotos.

It has certainly made me very skeptical of future firmware updates from Sony.

If you’ve shared the same love of Sony cameras as I have in the past, and you own one of these cameras, help us reach out to Sony directly by calling Sony at: Please reference this article at: lonelyspeck.com/stareater Sony introduced the problem with firmware. If enough of us call, maybe we can get them to issue a fix.

I have already started reaching out to Sony directly as well as writing to several of my contacts close to Sony to see if we can get some action.

There are ways to deal with the issue depending on the camera you are using.

Most of the time, a longer than recommended exposure time, which will cause the stars to trail, can help hide the issue by stretching the appearance of the stars past the threshold of the spatial filtering algorithm.

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